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  • Growth is continuous (Steel 2009) and is dependent on periodic molting (refs)
  • This species has been proposed to be great to study evolutionary changes of segment identity and patterning (Vick and Blum ; Mojaddidi et al. 2018).
  • Like other isopods, molts in two phases (i.e. biphasic molting) by which the posterior and anterior halves of the body molt sequentially (George 1972; Unwin and Stebbing 1920; Marcus 1990; Balian et al. 2008), with an interval of time in between of approx. 24 hours in A. aquaticus; Unwin and Stebbing 1920; Marcus 1990; (Luquet and Marin 2004)).
  • Molting is controlled by the ecdysterone (i.e. 20-hydroxyecdysone) hormone (George 1972; Weltje L 2006; Oceanica ; Subramoniam 2000)