This the homepage of The Asellus Consortium - an interest group for the broad use of Asellus aquaticus as a system to study ecological, evolutionary and developmental phenomena. The purpose of this website is to connect people interested in or already working with A. aquaticus and to provide links to data repositories and protocols.

We are currently still in the phase of consolidating knowledge, connecting interest-groups, and exploring ways to move this initiative forward. At the same time, we are slowly building content for this website. If you have data or materials to contribute, if have questions about this initiative, or would like to contribute by joining the consortium, please contact us: asellus.consortium@gmail.com.

Let’s connect!

We have set up a google group that works as a mailing list to send or receive the latest Asellus related news: https://groups.google.com/g/asellus-mail

After signing up you can adjust your subscription settings - everything except “No email” will work. Now you can send messages to everyone by sending an email to the group address (asellus-mail@googlegroups.com) or by posting something online.

Recent posts

The 2nd Asellus symposium was held online

2 minute read

On November 26th 2021, the 2nd Asellus Symposium was held online. There were some 40+ registered participants from institutions in 14 countries. Below you ca...