Data and resources

Here we collect links to protocols (e.g., for maintenance or phenotyping) and datasets (e.g., images or genomes). We don’t host any data ourselves, but rather point to external open science data platforms.


Written manuals

No. 1 - Food pellets - make tasty (or not) standardized food pellets for isopods

No. 2 - Sex determination - determine the sex of adult individuals

Planned: Maintenace, phenotyping, staging of embryos, … ?


Soon to come …



We have implemented a Dataverse, an open science storage solution where where groups or organizations can store their data that might be relevant to others. […]

The dataverse asellus_images can be found here:

Molecular resources

Will be added in the future - if you have ideas for hosting platforms (genbank, ENA, etc.), please get in touch!